COVID-19 & Home Learning

Though we are sad to not be seeing some of our beautiful children and engaging on a daily basis, we will still be offering support and guidance to families during this difficult time.


Donvale Early Learning Centre is excited to provide a remote home learning program for families who have chosen to keep their children at home.


Educators are working tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain communication and provide the same rich learning experiences that we normally would.

Families who have their children attending our service will continue their program as per usual.


We pride ourselves on our play-based program at Donvale ELC and do not want to simply send you links to online learning modules.

We want children to engage in hands-on learning experiences, just like the children who are currently attending our service.

Educators are creating "Activity Packs" filled with learning experiences, resources, instructions and play suggestions.


Families will regularly receive a post on Storypark from your child’s educator outlining what activities/program will be taking place, so stay tuned!

It is totally up to each individual family how much they wish to engage with the activity suggestions.


We kindly ask parents to provide feedback in the form of photos and comments, which can be added to the family section of Storypark. This function enables only educators to view their child's progress and converse with you about what your child has achieved.

We look forward to connecting with you all over the coming weeks.


Stay safe. Stay well. Stay connected!