Donvale Early Learning Centre recognises that the early years of life are crucial for children’s development, which is why we focus on a holistic learning approach to build each child’s emotional, social, and academic skills from an early age.


We believe in providing quality training and professional development for all our educators so that they can be industry experts in teaching children foundational skills through rich learning experiences.


We aim to work closely with families, children, and educators to create a warm and welcoming centre that feels like a second home.




At Donvale ELC, we value early childhood education as a foundation for lifelong learning. We support each child’s unique, individual learning journey holistically across the Early Years Learning Framework through the following areas… 



The safety and wellbeing of all children is of the highest priority. We aim to provide a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment for the children.  We respect children as global citizens with rights, in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children are actively involved in decision-making throughout the program, the daily routine, and their play, in order to foster each child’s individuality.



We believe families are the children’s first teacher and value the important role they play in children’s’ learning journey. Donvale ELC proudly embraces the cultural diversity of Manningham council and the broader community. We celebrate and respect the various backgrounds and cultures of our families. We work in partnership with families to plan and support each child’s individual learning and development, and ensure their involvement and contributions are reflected upon in the service’s decision making.



Our educators recognise the importance of education during children’s early childhood years. We value our longstanding educators who are warm, familiar faces that provide children with a sense of belonging in our service. Educators role model supportive and respectful relationships with one another, as children learn to do the same as they begin forming friendships. Through ongoing learning, professional development, and collaborative discussions, our educators implement a high quality and inclusive program for all children.


Educational Program

Our educational program has a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). Our educators use a fortnightly planning cycle that involves ongoing reflective practice and critical reflection, to ensure programs focus on each child’s individual needs and interests. We work in partnership with families to extend the skills that children are building at home, and share these insights with families so that each child has specific strategies for growth and development.



We utilise the expertise of other professionals in our community, including speech pathologists and local primary teachers for a smooth transition to school.

We strive to make meaningful connections with the wider community through incursion and excursion programs, our partnership with Spur Afrika for our three sponsored international children, and by respecting and celebrating the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture and events within our curriculum.



We value the environment as a third teacher in nurturing children’s play and learning. Our play spaces are thoughtfully setup to allow children to explore open-ended experiences, and drive and scaffold their own learning. We promote sustainability in daily practices and work together to care for the natural environment.