Early Childhood Language Program



After an extensive selection process, Donvale ELC has been selected by the Victorian Government to deliver a Bilingual Kindergarten Program in Mandarin starting 2024!


The Department of Education is supporting this initiative to increase the diversity of children’s language skills, build stronger local communities and prepare children for an increasingly connected world.

Children from all backgrounds will benefit from this program by deeply learning about the value of embracing other languages and cultures. Learning in Mandarin also provides an opportunity for children to strengthen their cultural identity and boost their self-esteem.


Experts have found that language education plays a vital role in children’s development – increasing their reading and writing skills, and helping children to think, explore and problem solve.


We are excited to be one of the few kindergartens in Victoria to be chosen to deliver this program, which comes at no additional cost to families!


More information can be found here: https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/bilingual-kinders-connecting-kids-world


About the program

Building on from our Early Childhood Language Program, the Bilingual Kindergarten program will be delivered by degree-qualified language teacher with native Mandarin speaking proficiency. They will be an above-ratio teacher to provide children in the Green Room (4-year-old kindergarten group) with the opportunity to learn in Mandarin for 12 hours each week.


To help children develop their language skills, we will incorporate language learning into everyday play-based kinder activities such as singing, dancing, painting and storytelling.

As always, we aim to provide consistent learning for your child as they move up in rooms each year, in order to best build upon their learning foundations.


Therefore, educators from other rooms will also be encouraged to engage in learning experiences with children in their home language (if applicable) from time to time, to begin building their awareness of other languages and cultures.

Our educators come from a diverse range of backgrounds and speak many languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Italian.



经过广泛的筛选过程,Donvale 幼儿园成功地被维多利亚州政府和教育局选中,从 2024 年开始提供普通话双语幼儿园课程!















DONVALE幼儿园活动课程的基础上,双语幼儿园课程将由具有学位资格且母语为普通话的语言教师授课。他们将作为一名超出师幼比例的老师,为Green Room4岁幼儿园班级)的孩子们提供每周12个小时的普通话学习机会。